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Concrete Patio Express

We are making the Patio process streamlined and stress free. Our focus is only in providing small patios at a reasonable price in a timely manner. We offer 5 different configurations to choose from which helps control cost and expedite the completion.

Step 1


Mark Your Space

Begin by marking the corners of your future patio with any small object to outline the area.

Step 2


Measure Your Area

Determine the length and width of the marked space to calculate the total square footage.

Step 3


Select Your Pricing

With your square footage in hand, choose from one of our five pricing options that suits your space and needs. Pricing details below.

Step 4


Fit Your Budget

If needed, adjust the square footage to better align with your budgetary requirements.

Step 5


Take Photographs

Capture three photographs from different angles — one from the side, one from the front, and another from 15 feet away — to help us understand the layout of your land.

Step 6


Submit request

Complete our simple form with your details and the photographs of the proposed area. Upon submission, we'll provide you with a confirmation and a project start date.

Pricing Options

Based on your square footage, choose the option that best fits your needs.

Up to 75 Square Feet
Up to 95 Square Feet
Up to 114 Square Feet
Up to 135 Square Feet
Up to 155 Square Feet

Fast, Friendly & Reliable

Family Owned

Cahill Concrete Delivery a division of Cahill General Contracting Inc has been providing quality service in a professional manner for over 20 years. We take pride in building a brand trusted by our customers over the years. Our team strives to provide the best service to our customers and we would be honored to be apart of your backyard project.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In order to provide quality service at a reasonable cost we are not doing site visits before we start, we stand by the price quoted and base everything off the pictures received by the customer.

No. We cannot be responsible for changing the flow of your water run off from your yard, if you think that there might be an issue send more pictures and we can advise you more.

No. The prices quoted only include sod removal. It does not include removal of concrete, trees, bushes or excessive amounts of dirt.

We need at least 4ft wide path to your back yard, if this is an issue, please advise in the note section.

No. This service is exclusively for small backyard patios, our goal is to provide that extra space needed to enjoy your backyard at an affordable price. To control cost, we do not provide any other concrete service (sidewalks, driveways etc.) through this platform.

Concrete Patio Express

After filling out the form, we'll send a confirmation and start date.

    Your desired pricing option based on Square Footage*

    Upload three photographs from different angles — one from the side, one from the front, and another from 15 feet away.

    Size limit: 25MB, Filestypes accepted: PNG, JPG, JPEG

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